Horse racing

Bourail -

2017 Bourail Cup


Major local racing event run over 1.4 km and open to all 3 year old + stallions, geldings and mares born and bred in New Caledonia.
The second big event of the day is the Prix de la Mairie de Bourail race run over 1.8 km, open to all 4 year old + horses. 

Info and reservation:

  • + 687 25 47 11


A bit of history. New Caledonia’s very first horse racing event was on 16 August 1867, when meetings were held on Baie des Citrons beach. Since then, generations of breeders, owners and trainers have dedicated their lives to promoting local horse racing.
New Caledonia’s racing calendar features year-round events held in Bourail, La Foa, Boulouparis and Nouméa. Three types of races are held in NC: flat racing, harness racing (trotting) and stock horse events, a local tradition rooted in skills perfected at cattle and livestock stations: horses complete a complex course, performing a variety of set tasks and activities. 
Currently boasting over fifteen racing stables, Bourail is unquestionably New Caledonia’s horse racing capital.

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